Vignerons depuis 1453
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Domaine Pierre-Louis and Jean-François Bersan

6 centuries of wine passion

Stemming from wine grower’s family since the XVth century, 1453 more precisely, Jean-François and Pierre-Louis Bersan run and carry on this tradition of au- thenticity through the respect of their region

They both recognize the importance of modern technology to help achieve the best potential from their 20 hectares of vines.

The whole wine harvest is making into wine in a modern cellar where hygiene and dedication to produce good wines are linked and are paramount.

Materials used are stainless steel for the wine makings and oak barrels for maturing the vintages with a great potential.

Once bottled, the wines are left to mature in vaulted cellars located in the center of the village.

This subterranean labyrinth represents an essential tourist attraction for the village and surrounding area.

All the grapes varieties of Burgundy are present in Saint-Bris-Le-Vineux. Jean -François and Pierre-Louis Bersan work on 13 ha of whites and 7ha of red ones.

Although 50% of their annual production of 120,000 bottles is sold abroad, Jean-François and Pierre-Louis Bersan remain very attentive to their numerous visitors to the cellars, who prefer a more convivial and personalized insight into the wine estate and its products.